Join Income Madness Week and Trade LIVE With Michael on the 5 Income Trading Workshops June 6-10, 2016!
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Your Income Madness Ticket Includes:

Access to 5 LIVE Income Trading Workshops with Michael Shulman with ONE Goal: Collect $2,000* CASH Income in 5 Days!

Monday, June 6 @ 12:00 PM Eastern
Tuesday, June 7 @ 12:00 PM Eastern
Wednesday, June 8 @ 12:00 PM Eastern
Thursday, June 9 @ 12:00 PM Eastern
Friday, June 10 @ 12:00 PM Eastern

Email and SMS alerts on all of the trades so you can still collect the cash even if you can't attend the sessions.

Learn & Discover First Hand the Power of 5 High-Performing Income Trading Tactics...

  • You'll learn my Daily Cash Call Trade – so you learn how to "day trade" covered calls safely for consistent income – every day!
  • The FREE MONEY Trade is a way to “lock-in” cash income when unique conditions in a stock and its options occur. (I already have one stock on my radar for our Free Money Trade during Income Madness Week.)
  • You'll learn my Perpetual Income Engine Trade so you can profit by selling puts and calls on the same stock.
  • You'll learn my Weekend Cash Trade so you can sell a put or call option on Friday, close it out the same day and take your spouse or family out to dinner on Saturday.
  • Plus, The Silly Put/Call Trade: You're selling a “put or call option” so safe and out-of-the-money that there is little or no chance of being assigned or called out of the stock and yet you still collect a rich premium.

You get email follow-up on all trades for maximum profits – and if any trade extends beyond Income Madness week, I won't leave you hanging.

You get my top 5 Stocks for income traders as a bonus so you can continue to produce cash on your own after the workshop week is over.

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This is not a recurring charge to your credit card. This is not a subscription. You agree you are paying a one-time charge of $297 to your credit card for access to “Income Madness Week” which includes the 5 live webinar trading sessions with Michael Shulman and the realtime email and sms trade alerts during each of those sessions.

Once purchased and your credit card has been charged, this order is non-refundable. 

Charges will appear as Traders Reserve LLC on your credit card statement.

For best results, you should attend the live webinar trading sessions or have immediate access to text message or email between Noon and 1pm Eastern Time when realtime trade recommendations are sent.

If you experience any difficulties or do not receive your email confirmations for the webinar trading sessions, please email Customer Care at or call (866) 257-3008.
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