5 Live Income Trading WORKSHOPS 

September 24-28, 2018

@ Noon Eastern Time, Every Day!

Limited to Only 50 Income Investors!

Income Madness Week Is Back: 5 Days of LIVE Income Trading!
Live Income Trading Workshop:
Make $1,500 Cash Income In One Week!
This is the only online workshop dedicated to Teaching You
How to Get Daily Cash Income.
We've set an ambitious goal of collecting $1,500 or more cash income from trades we will execute together during my Live Income Trading Workshop called Income Madness Week.
Why that goal? Because I continue to see income investors missing out on helping themselves create more cash income from their portfolios, so I went to my publisher and demanded we do something unique:
Help income investors make $1,500 or more cash income in Five Days.
In Our Last TEN Income Madness Weeks,
We BEAT That $1,500 Goal!
Income Madness Week March 2016
Income Madness Week June 2016
Income Madness Week September 2016
Income Madness Week December 2016
Income Madness Week March 2017
Income Madness Week June 2017
Income Madness Week September 2017
Income Madness Week December 2017
Income Madness Week March 2018
Income Madness Week June 2018
**December 2017 Income Madness Week traded over 4 days instead of 7.
Let me make two things very clear: First, the goal is to produce $1,500 or more in cash income from the trades we execute during the live 5-day workshop.
Some trades may extend beyond the Friday, September 28th end date. If so, I will continue to follow-up with you with additional recommendations on those trades until they are closed completely.
Second, you may make more than the stated goal; you may make less.

It depends upon the overall value of your portfolio, the number of contracts sold (we suggest 2 to 3 contracts per trade) and the amount of that portfolio which you can dedicate to the trades we will make together during the workshop.
The one thing you can count on is to learn how to use my five highest-performing Income Trading Tactics during the workshops. Plus, I'll give you my five best stocks right now to use to create income with those tactics.
Because the reality is this – just as you can't score if you aren't in the game – you can't generate income if your money isn't in the market. 
STOP worrying about the market.
What If You Knew How To
Get Daily Cash for Yourself ...
Whenever You Need It?
In 5 LIVE Income Trading Workshop Sessions, you're going to trade LIVE with me my best income producing tactics!
I'll explain the tactic. I'll hand you the stock(s) to use with the tactic.
Then, I'll show you step by step how to enter the trade, how to exit the trade for maximum cash gains. You'll learn how to get cash - even daily cash - for yourself whenever you need it, or whenever you see a "No-brainer" trade just begging you to take the money!
Why Am I Doing This?
So you can prove to yourself that making more cash income in one week is actually possible... because if you can make $1,500 in a week...
...that's $78,000 in cash income you could be making for yourself every year!
And the best part is, you'll see how you can generate that cash in mere minutes per day.
There's nothing sweeter than daily cashflow from a liquid asset you own 100%.
And all you need is cash in your portfolio. Cash you can put to work every day to generate even MORE cash.
It's a virtuous circle of steady income!
And yet it's simple and easy to do when you're armed with the right strategies. If you're not pocketing $300, $500 or even $1,000 of cash income in a few hours ... without taking any risk with your capital ...
... then I want you to understand this is actually possible every day with up to 5 of my favorite daily income strategies. In fact, I've shown traders how to make $3,891 a week or more using these ideas.
I love One Day Special, for example.
That's where we sell a Put Option offering fat returns and then close the trade the next day to lock in 50% to 75% cash income in JUST ONE DAY!
We can turn those fat premiums into instant cash at almost any time.
Then there's my Free Money Trade. That's where you lock in cash income when there are unique conditions in a stock and its options.
I also use what I call a Weekend Cash Trade. You can sell a put or call option on Friday, then close it out by 4pm the same day for instant cash!
I also do Buy & Write Trades with unique potential. I jump on special situations when there's a very attractive premium at- or just out-of-the-money. We might lose a small amount on the stock as it's called away ...
... but we more than make up for it by collecting a very handsome premium.
There's one more: my Silly Put Trade is when we sell a put option so safe and so out-of-the-money that there's virtually no chance of being assigned shares the stock. Yet you still collect a rich premium time after time.
I'll show you some real world examples of these 5 daily income strategies in just a moment.
But first, you might be thinking: 'Isn't there a catch here? If it's so easy, then ...'
Why Aren't Most Traders
Doing This Already?
That's a great question. Because I know from experience that even seasoned traders feel a bit intimidated about making cash income every day.
Traders are used to making quarterly or monthly income. Maybe even weekly income if they're feeling confident.
But daily income?
It's not anywhere near as risky as you might think.
Because when you dive into this one-week live trading workshop, you’ll discover that creating “daily income” is actually quite simple.

In fact, I’d venture to say that once you know how to use the smartest, safest, “what’s working for the next 5 years” tactics ...
... then securing daily cash income is as easy as scooping up $100 bills as they lie there on the sidewalk.
All you need to do is PICK THEM UP! 
You don’t have to be chained to your computer to find that easy "sidewalk cash", either. Because in this live trading workshop, you'll learn exactly how to get that daily income whenever you want it.
So here's what I have in mind:
September 24th marks the start of my next "Income Madness" Week workshop.
I deliver hands-on LIVE trading where I show you precisely how to apply the strategies with the highest potential to generate $1,500 from selling puts and calls in those 5 days..
I don't use every one of my 5 strategies simply to create a "teaching moment" during "Income Madness" Week, by the way. That's because that week is all about LIVE intensive trading, not training for the sake of training.
We aim to generate cold, hard profits based on what the market makes available over 6 days. Yes -- $1,500 or more for the week!
And you know what? We're pretty darn good at hitting that target time after time.
From my last ten "Income Madness" training sessions:
Net Cash March 2016:
$1,383 * 3 contracts per trade = $4,149
Net Cash June 2016:
$1,297 * 3 contracts per trade = $3,891
Net Cash September 2016:
$1,188 * 3 contracts per trade = $3,564
Net Cash December 2016:
$940 * 3 contracts per trade = $2,820
Net Cash March 2017:
$1,063 * 3 contracts per trade = $3,189
Net Cash June 2017:
$1,148 * 3 contracts per trade = $3,444
Net Cash September 2017:
$945 * 3 contracts per trade = $2,835
Net Cash December 2017
(4 day Total):
$597 * 3 contracts per trade = $1,791
Net Cash March 2018:
$806 * 3 contracts per trade = $2,420
Net Cash June 2018:
$814 * 3 contracts per trade = $2,420
(You would have made $2,766, $2,594 and $2,376 and $1,880 with just 2 contracts per trade. So even if you're a smaller trader, "Income Madness" still delivers serious cash for you.)

Long story short: "Income Madness" Weeks are like income trading on steroids.
We make as many low risk, high potential income option trades as we can. Trades that should close or expire during that same week to generate at least $1,500 of income trading 2 or 3 contracts.
I use my core income stocks to grab MAXIMUM premiums in the shortest amount of time. If I can use all 5 of my strategies to do that, great!
But the end game is getting that $1,500 or more in one week.
Apply The Secrets of Accelerated 
Daily Income With Your Very Own
1 Week "Hands On" Workshop
(Starts September 24th 2018)
As you know, there's a big difference between understanding the concept and having the confidence to actually step up and do it with real money by yourself.
That's why we walk the walk during "Income Madness" Week and make hard cash.
LIVE trading is what these Weeks are all about: you watch and trade with me so you'll see for yourself just how everything works in real time. I'll walk through the mechanics of the strategy we're about to use, but these are not teaching sessions. These are live, intensive trading sessions.
For 1 hour a day, I'm right there with you LIVE to show you exactly how it's done. You're going to see ...
  •   Which strategy we'll be using for each trade
  •   Which stocks and options are the best fit for what we're planning
  •   Which specific trades we're going to execute with full price information every step of the way
Each day at noon, we’ll mix it up with different trading strategies and approaches. You get:
  •   5 Live Trading Sessions so you can apply those tactics and make real money during the workshop days - Monday - Friday, September 24-28th @ Noon Eastern each day.
  •  1 Live Training Session for New Income Madness Traders on Monday, September 24th at 11 am EST to help prepare you for the income trading we'll be doing (and then a live trading session immediately following!)
  •  2 Live Trade Preview Videos during the week to help you prepare in advance for our live trading session those days; you'll get these videos at 8:30 am on the days I schedule them. Watch, take notes and be prepared to trade!
  •  Plus additional videos to help you manage your open positions for maximum profit potential.
  •   2 to 3 live trades every day during each trading session. Trades are also sent to you by email just in case you can't make a live trading session, so you'll still be able to make the trade!
Each session will be recorded and I’ll follow up all trades with email alerts too.
Remember, the goal is to generate $1,500 in cash income from the trades that week.
That's a 1.5% return on a $100,000 portfolio!
Now, I understand "just 1.5%" might not seem too compelling at first glance. But if you're collecting an extra $1,500 in cash income each week ...
... that's a very comfortable $78,000 coming your way over the next 12 months.
Even if you've got only $50,000 to work with, that's still $39,000 a year.
That's the kind of money that pays for those luxury cruises you've been dreaming about ... the pricey renovations you've always wanted ... a college tuition or two ... or just plenty of breathing room for a MUCH more carefree lifestyle.
That's why this is your big chance to generate a ton of income from advanced income trading strategies starting September 24th.
So who am I to be teaching you this?
Why I'm Qualified To Take Your Options Trading To A Whole New Level
I'm Michael Shulman: options income trader, author, financial analyst, newsletter advisor and coach over the last 30 years.
In the writing department, I've published two books: 'Sell Short' and 'Made in America: Inside Stories of Success'. I'm also a frequent contributor to financial sites including Seeking Alpha, MSN, Traders Reserve, and InvestorPlace.
You can buy my books on Amazon.com. You can find my articles all over the Internet.
But here's the most important bit:
I've been helping traders like you put more money in their pockets with proven options income strategies since 2011.
I deliver real results and I've got the trades to prove it.
Let's look at them right now ...
How I Delivered 100% Winning
"Income Madness" Trades
With 11 Straight Wins In June
Not many people expected the market to do a whole lot thanks to the summer doldrums during June 6-10, 2016.
You've probably heard it before: "sell in May and go away" ... right? But we did just fine with our Monday to Friday "Income Madness" week.
More than fine! Because despite big drops on Thursday and Friday as the market worried about the upcoming Fed meeting ...
We got 11 winners from the 11 stocks and options trades we originated during that week.
Some of them took longer to close out than expected. But we still delivered consistent profits.
Here's how that winning week happened, trade by trade:
Tesoro (TSO) (Buy / Write)
We bought TSO shares on Monday, June 6 @ $79.94 and sold the TSO Weekly 80 calls the next day. We were called out of the stock and netted an easy profit. This is why Tesoro's one of my favorite stocks for this kind of trade.
Net Gain: $132 per contract
Dycom (DY) (Buy / Write)
We also bought DY that same day (Monday, June 6) for $85.02 and sold the DY weekly 80 calls for a very nice premium that was too good to pass up. Again, an easy profit as we were called out later.
Net Gain: $198 per contract
General Motors (GM) (Silly Put Sale)
I spotted a great opportunity to sell a GM weekly put at very low risk on June 6 and sure enough, it expired worthless at the end of the week.
Net Gain: $30 per contract
American Airlines (AAL) (Buy / Write)
On Tuesday, June 7 there was a great opportunity to grab AAL 32.50 puts. We closed them out 2 days later for a handsome 46% profit.
Net Gain: $35 per contract
Gilead Sciences (GILD) (Buy / Write)
Gilead is one of my favorite income stocks. I led us into GILD shares @ $87.69 on Tuesday, June 7 even as we sold the $87.50 weekly calls. As with Dycom, the marginal loss on the shares was offset by the very nice premium we collected.
Net Gain: $63 per contract
Expedia (EXPE) (Buy / Write & Rolled Calls)
This one turned into an extended series of call sells after we bought the stock @ $109.93. EXPE didn't cooperate like my earlier picks detailed above. It fell away. 

However, I kept everyone in the green by selling and then buying back a series of weekly calls at 110, 109, 105 and finally 107. 

Even though we took a small loss on the stock (we were finally called away at 107) we still emerged with a nice profit overall thanks to the call sales. It took longer than expected because of the market chaos as this trade ran into the following week.

But the moral of the story is this: keep calm, stay patient, and you'll keep generating cash with my strategies. It really works!
Net Gain: $108 per contract
Western Digital (WDC) (Buy / Write & Rolled Calls)
Just like Expedia, this one also went in the "wrong" direction after we bought the shares @ $49.50 on Wednesday, June 8. But we sold and bought back the 49 calls and then the 47.50 calls. And even though we were called out at a loss, our call transactions still netted us a profit.

Again, I want to point out that having a strategy in place -- even when things don't go as expected -- can still keep you profitable as an income trader.
Net Gain: $23 per contract
Royal Caribbean (RCL) (Weekend Cash)
First we sold the 75 put on Thursday, June 9. We got full value from that put as we were assigned the stock. RCL was a stock I really wanted to hold because it was due for a bounce. And just as expected, we sold it for a profit the next week.

I love it when a plan comes together!
Net Gain: $190 per contract
Restoration Hard (RH) (Weekend Cash)
Just like with RCL, we sold a put (the weekly 28 in this case) on Thursday and were assigned the stock. And again we sold it for a profit the following week.

By picking the right price and sticking to a proven strategy, we win with trades like this again and again.
Net Gain: $60 per contract
Apple (AAPL) (Buy / Write)
Another of my favorite income stocks! 

We bought AAPL shares @ $99.58 on Thursday, June 9 and sold them just over a week later for a small profit. But the bigger money came from the 99.50 call we sold which expired worthless. This is just the kind of trade I love to make.

AAPL is such a steady money-maker for me when you know how to apply these strategies.
Net Gain: $123 per contract
Hain Celestial (HAIN) (Buy / Write)
This trade worked a whole lot like our AAPL trade. We bought the shares on Friday June 10 @ $49.67 and sold them over a week later for a nice profit. The 50 calls we sold provided most of the profit ...

... and as a great capstone to the week, HAIN provided us with our most profitable trade of "Income Madness" Week too!
Net Gain: $285 per contract
Total Gain From All 11 Trades:
$1,297 Per Contract
Using 3 contracts per trade would have given you $3,891 in profits during that June "Income Madness" Week.
Even at 2 contracts, you'd still have made $2,594.
That's all from 11 profits and no losses despite a market decline that began on Thursday and accelerated hard into Friday.
The fact we emerged with hard cash gains is proof that having these 5 strategies in your daily income trading toolbox pays off big-time.
And my next "Income Madness" Week is going to confirm it once again.
Reserve Your Seat Now
(Only 50 Available)
Seat Reservation Deadline:
You really don't want to miss my next "Income Madness" Week from September 24th through 28th.
In just 5 action-packed trading days, I'm going to show you how to generate daily cash flow from your trading.
And by the time we're done, you'll have a select group of strategies and stocks from which you can generate more money than ever. In fact, there's simply nothing else that will give you the confidence to do this kind of trading on your own so quickly.
And yet you'll pay far less than you'd expect.
Some trading courses and seminars cost thousands of dollars. For just a couple hours of training (only a portion of which might be live), they're asking you to sign away a 4 or even 5 figure sum for the vague promise of trading success.
Do you really want to spend $10,000 or even $5,000 so you can learn how to make $1,500 in a week as a daily income trader?
Probably not.
So how about $2,000? You'd make that back in a week or so.
But I'm not asking that much. Nowhere near it.
You can get one of the 50 seats at my next "Income Madness" Week for just $297.
At that price, seats will go fast. They always do!
Just look at what you're getting:
5 LIVE Income Trading Workshops With Me (Michael Shulman):
We have one goal in those workshops, and that's collecting $1,500 CASH income in just 1 week!

You'll get 2-3 trades each day during the Income Madness Week Workshop!
Here's how it works: Each "Income Madness" workshop begins at NOON Eastern time and ends by 1pm. 

We'll get together for the first LIVE trading session on Monday, September 24th at Noon Eastern.
Then we keep right on trading LIVE all week through Friday, September 28th at Noon Eastern each day.
(Please be ready to trade within the first 15 minutes of signing in to our "Income Madness" webinar room.)
We'll execute all income trade TOGETHER.
Value: $997
Trade Preview Videos
I know it can be a challenge to get online for a webinar every day; that's why I'm including up to 3 trade preview videos during Income Madness Week: to prepare you for the trades we'll likely make on those days. This way, you're ready to go when I put the actual trade in your hands!
Full Email Alerts For All Trades: 
You can collect the cash even if you can't attend the LIVE sessions. It's much better if you can attend LIVE via the webinar room, but I'll make sure you still get the most essential data for entering and exiting each trade.
Up to 5 High-Performing Income Trading Tactics To Profit With:
  •   One Day Special Trade: learn how to use this tactic to cash out options trades at 50% to 75% profit in just one day!
  •   Free Money Trade: Lock-in cash income when we spot unique conditions in a stock and its options. (I already have one stock on my radar for our Free Money Trade.)
  •   Special Situation Buy & Write Trade: Profit by jumping on special situations when there's a very attractive premium at- or just out-of-the-money. Even if we lose a bit on the stock itself as it's called away, we more than make up for it with a very handsome premium.
  •   Weekend Cash Trade: Sell a put or call option on Friday ... and then close it out by 4pm the same day for instant cash!
  •   Silly Put/Call Trade: Sell a super-safe and out-of-the-money put or call option, one where's there's little or no chance of being assigned or called out - and yet you still collect a rich premium. 
Value: $997
Email Follow-Ups For All Trades for Maximum Profits: 
If any trade extends beyond "Income Madness" Week, I won't leave you hanging. You'll be updated immediately with the latest information. Every detail will be there. 

And yes, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the best way to close out any particular trade we've made.
You'll get EVERYTHING for Just $297.
That's less than $49 per LIVE session. And I'm putting you into the driver's seat to make 30 times that amount or more with my advanced income strategies.
Remember, our 2016 "Income Madness" Weeks generated $4,149, $3,891, $3,564 and $2,820 if you were trading just 3 contracts at a time.
That's $14,424 in Income from Just FOUR WEEKS!
That makes "Income Madness" Week probably the most effective (and yet lowest cost) "do it with me" training session you'll find anywhere.
Here's a thought: if all my "Income Madness" Live Income Trading Workshop teaches you is just ONE tactic to bring in $1,500 or more in cash income every single week, would it be worth it?
Of course it would!
So please don't let this pass you by.
I'm looking forward to teaching you there really is nothing sweeter than daily cashflow from your own portfolio.
Sign up right now and join me on September 24th through 28th for 5 Days of Live Income Trading.

It's coming up fast and I can't wait to show you how to accelerate your income trading skills and results!
Good Trading,
Michael Shulman
Your Host, "Income Madness" Week
P.S. To help you achieve outstanding results in just one week, I'm doing a lot of additional research so you'll be quickly up to speed for each day's trades. Remember, we'll be looking at 2 to 3 trades during each LIVE session.
And if necessary, I'll also be staying online past our allocated time each day to ensure I answer ALL your questions about the trades, tactics, strategies and even trading ideas your fellow attendees put forward.
That's because I want you to take this trading week seriously and attend EVERY session. I don't want you to benefit "just" from the income we're generating ...
... but to fully learn and better understand the tactics I'll be teaching and using during the week.
There are only 50 seats available, so be sure to ...
It's exactly what you need to help you start generating significant daily cash flow.
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